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Extending Intelligence to Industrial Machines

Exara is revolutionizing the way industrial companies capture, curate, and consume machine data from high value field-based assets. Exara provides dynamic access to high fidelity, high volume machine data in a wide range of remote and mobile industrial applications on a proven, field-deployed device loaded with an innovative software defined platform. Enterprise data consumers enjoy immediate access and ability to explore highly granular data from assets deployed in the field.

Enabling The Next Generation of Field Based Intelligence


Innovative industrial operators are attempting to improve efficiency and unlock savings through the use of machine data generated by high value field-based assets.


Designed for reliable 24/7 operation, industrial control infrastructure typically captures only a small percentage of potential data from sensor sources. This precludes strategies that depend on more advanced data sciences.


Our software delivers high fidelity machine data to enterprise users from remote industrial assets. Exara brings the industrial edge to the enterprise, unlocking next-generation data science for high value assets.

Discover How Exara Can Drive Value From Field-based Assets

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